Sometimes life doesn't give you lemons, it gives you turds- so make them stunning!

Planter mania

So, I have started like 13 million plants, and have discovered that store bought planters are not only a bit boring, but also rather expensive. Soooo… here are a few of the creative ideas us girls have come up with to use as planters

For those of us who do a zillion loads of laundry:


Can become

Of course we’d much rather be golfing so here’s a planter that reminds us of what we’re missing while tied to the washer:

Complete with Golf ball plant markers:

And then there are days:

Tequila Bottle PlanterSometimes a good stiff drink is in order:

Shaker and Ice Bucket Lids with starter plants

So you can pretty much make a planter out of anything, what types of interesting planters do you have?


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